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CNC precision environment in China

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Update time : 2019-08-23 11:12:14
1. Social and Industrial Background of Manufacturing Industry           
CNC technology is the basis of automation, flexibility and integration of manufacturing industry; it is an indispensable technical means to improve product quality and labor productivity; CNC technology is an important strategic material for national defense modernization; it is an important basic industry related to the strategic position of the country and reflecting the comprehensive national strength level of the country.  After China's accession to the WTO, China is gradually becoming a 'world manufacturing center'. In order to enhance competitiveness, manufacturing enterprises have begun to widely use advanced numerical control technology. According to statistics, there is a shortage of about 600,000 CNC machine tool operators in China. The shortage of NC talents has attracted great attention from the central leadership, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Labor and Social Security and other government departments. It is difficult to employ CNC technicians with a monthly salary of 6,000 RMB and it is impossible to recruit die technicians with an annual salary of 160,000 RMB have become a hot issue of general concern to the whole society. The Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, the National Defense Science and Technology Commission, the Ministry of Information Industry strive to achieve the goal of training more than 300,000 skilled talents in manufacturing industry in five years so as to alleviate the skilled people in the labor market of China. The shortage of talent.           

2. The Demand of NC Technical Talents           
The size and type, level and quality of the demand for numerical control technology talents depend on the development level and level of national economy and manufacturing industry, as well as the management requirements and development trend of employers themselves. According to statistics, CNC machine tools in Germany, the United States, Japan and other developed manufacturing countries account for more than 70% of the production equipment. There is a big gap between China's manufacturing industry and the advanced international industrial countries. According to the statistics of Machinery Association, the total number of CNC machine tools in China's manufacturing industry is less than 2%, and in recent years it has reached 35%. The above speed is increasing, and the limited number of CNC machine tools in our country can not be fully utilized. Although there are many reasons, the shortage of NC talents is undoubtedly one of the main reasons. With the further advancement of manufacturing information engineering, the use of high-tech and advanced applicable technology to upgrade traditional industries, improve the level of technological equipment and product competitiveness of enterprises, large-scale numerical control of manufacturing equipment, the social demand for numerical control technology talents has further increased.